Quality Links to Quality Websites

    Animals     a quality Animal Rights site from New Zealand.
    Whale & Dolphin Watch - David's fascinating website.
    raccoons on the web - Taz and Cridder
    Big Cats Online - bold, beautiful and endangered.
    Mother Earth  
    Return to Eden - our Mother Earth is dying.
    Spiritual Endeavors' Mother Earth webpage.
    Healing Mother Earth - om shanti Gaia.
    Soul Mates  
    a very cool Find Your Soul Mate dating site.
    Lady Tia's Soul Mate Page - one beautiful website.
    and Behind the Veil of Illusion - another lovely site.
    a photo tour of the Dixon Earthship in Oklahoma.
    also of Ray Wilk's Earthship at Taos, New Mexico.
    and Stuart Simmons's Earthship at Durango, Colorado.
    Stephen King's The Plant - available online now.
    also Kathy M. Dixon's The Good Mother
    and Frederick Forsyth's Quintet
    Website Tools  
    20/20 graphics editor - free, very good and easy to use.
    The JPEG Wizard - free image compression software.
    Deadlock Design - free referral system, and more....