Kathy's Earthship - Blue Room.

Internal tire walls have mostly been plastered over in traditional Mexican style, with clay-sand-straw adobe, but cement stucco has also been used, particularly in potentially wet areas and wherever extra strength seemed advisable.  Note the hand-painted Mexican tiles which Kathy has set in.

Kathy's Earthship - Lounge. Kathy's Earthship - decor detail.
Kathy's Earthship - fireplace detail.
Kathy's Earthship - Bath Room entry.

Guess I've already shown enough pictures to celebrate Kathy's and Dale's achievement, but none the less, and for two reasons, I'm going to show you yet another.  The first of these reasons is that there are still many outstanding jobs to be tackled and I wouldn't want you to leave this page with the false impression that Kathy and Dale can now simply sit back and rest on hard-won laurels.  This final picture, therefore, shows just one of those outstanding jobs: an external tire-wall still needing to be tidied up and stuccoed over.   And my second reason?  Well folks, I thought you just might like to see what a structural wall built out of discarded automobile tires looks like, in the rough, so to speak.

Kathy's Earthship - unfinished retaining wall.
child abuse in rural Oklahoma - an e-book

Incidentally, in addition to being a great little builder of earthships, Kathy Dixon is also a great little writer of thought provoking novels, and this picture is of the front cover of The Good Mother, Kathy's story of Melanie, an emotionally and physically abused child living in rural Oklahoma.  Click on this book cover for more detail and a free first chapter preview.

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